Our fees


The Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG) determines the minimum fee a lawyer is allowed to charge. However, those statutory minimum fees are often not appropriate – this is particularly true for cases involving social law or child custody.

In this type of cases we usually conclude a special agreement on fees with our clients beforehand, so as to ensure the best service possible for you and while at the same time accounting appropriately for the time-intense and difficult nature of our work. Depending on the type of case and proceedings we may for instance, suggest a certain hourly rate but other solutions are possible too. At any rate, we will always make sure that our fees and your costs are transparent to you. At the same time certain minimum fees are simply necessary in order to ensure that we can work at our best: In the end, our success is your gain.


Legal remedies


From time to time we are approached by clients who have already received legal representation from elsewhere but want to know whether it makes sense to seek a particular legal remedy. Based on a fixed fee agreement, we will then check your various legal options, including lodging an appeal and an application to the constitutional court. 


Legal representation around the country


We will represent you in extra-judicial matters, as well as in all types of proceedings involving public authorities, employers, hospitals and in contractual negotiations.

We attend personal appointments everywhere in Germany if necessary.

Of course we will agree with you beforehand how travel costs will be covered.