Children involved in legal proceedings are confronted with many strangers, including judges, lawyers, expert witnesses, youth welfare officers and “Verfahrensbeistände” (legal counsel who specifically supports children in court proceedings).

We inform you about the ways in which you can influence the proceeding so as to ensure that they are conducted in a child-friendly manner. We also act as "Verfahrensbeistände" in child matters.

Furthermore, we are happy to consult lesbian, gay, bi-, trans- and intersexual clients on devising their own personal family model. We also provide you with legal representation in proceedings for adopting your step-child before the family court or vis-à-vis the registry office.

We consult transsexual and intersexual children and adolescents together with their families or, should they wish so, also separately from their parents.

Parents of children with a disability or are a chronic disease, ask themselves many questions: How does our obligation to provide maintenance for our child interrelate with our right to receive social welfare support? What matters are covered by long-term care insurance and health insurance respectively? Under what circumstances are our children able to claim personal assistance at school?

We consult and represent you towards your health and long-term care insurer, for instance, in proceedings and disputes concerning the level of your child’s care needs ("Pflegestufe"), his or her right to aid, treatment inside a hospice or financial support.

We offer regular legal workshops for children’s hospices and providers of palliative care for children.

Adolescents, who are the subject of criminal proceedings, need legal defense early on, despite the emphasis put on educative measures by young offenders’ law.

Solicitor Gabriela Lünsmann, our expert on family law is happy to answer all your questions around parental care and guardianship of adult children with a disability. Solicitor Dr. Oliver Tolmein consults and represents you on all matters concerning underage patients and medical law, as well as on "Eingliederungshilfe" (a special support scheme for disabled persons) for disabled children.

Rechtsanwältin Dr. Babette Tondorf defends adolescents and young adults in criminal proceedings and also represents them as victims of a criminal offense.

If your child has been the victim of a criminal offence, we will provide witness support to your child during court hearings or, if you choose to enter proceedings as a private prosecutor, as their legal counsel through all phases of the trial.