We will consult and represent you throughout all phases of your criminal proceedings, irrespective of whether young offenders’ law applies to you or not. Our special expertise covers criminal defense of disabled persons and all medical and social security-related tort law: We defend medical practitioners and midwives in personal injury, manslaughter and fraud cases; we represent patients who suffer from chronic pain and are accused of illegal drug abuse; finally, we help clients who have been diagnosed with diminished responsibility and therefore face hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic.

We are particularly interested in criminal cases that involve complex causal relationships and predictions relating to future conduct that require the use of expert testimony.

Largely due to Dr. Oliver Tolmein’s long-standing experience working as a journalist, we also possess expertise in the area of media and internet-related criminal law.

If you are worried that an ongoing criminal investigation may draw unwanted media attention to yourself we stand ready to support you with our legal and journalistic expertise.

Both, solicitor Dr. Babette Tondort and solicitor Dr. Oliver Tolmein are particularily qualified to consult you in this type of case.

Solicitor Dr. Tondorf focuses on criminal defense in general and young offenders’ law in particular, as well as on involuntary commitment law (the legal rules governing the conditions under which a court may order a mentally ill person into involuntary treatment in a psychiatric hospital); and the rights of witnesses to a legal counsel.

Solicitor Dr. Tolmein will represent you in particular in cases focusing on medical or media-related criminal law, as well as in cases involving international or European criminal law.