When married couples or civil partners decide to separate, this usually raises a host of questions concerning children, the common flat or house, finances and pension arrangements. If there are common children, solutions need to be found in order to secure their continued care and financial support by both their parents. We consult you on flexible models for raising your children together while separate.

We represent you in divorce and civil partnership dissolution proceedings before the family court, as well as in disputes over maintenance claims, custody and contact rights over how the common estate is split and how your pension claims will be affected.

Furthermore, we support foster parents who face conflicts with the youth-welfare-office and during the process of being awarded legal guardianship.

We are happy to consult lesbian, gay, bi-, trans- and intersexual clients on devising their own personal family model. We also provide you with legal representation in proceedings for adopting your step-child before the family court or vis-à-vis the registry office.

Making provisions for the future is advisable also in family law: by drawing up marriage and civil-partnership contracts for you, we help you limit conflict in the case of separation.

The question of when adult children are obliged to provide for the maintenance of parents who need care is of increasing importance. Social service providers approach daughters and sons with parental maintenance claims more and more frequently. You ought to seek legal advice urgently, before responding to any such request, for instance by providing information on your income or property.

Furthermore, we specialise in particular on custody and maintenance matters concerning disabled children. We can provide you with extensive advice on issues, under what circumstances social services have to cover costs and when relatives will be liable to pay them.

Gabriela Lünsmann is a specialist solicitor for family law and thus, our expert on family law. She will help you find a dignified solution that accounts for the interests of everybody involved. Miss Lünsmann will also represent you in all proceedings before the family court.