We are happy to consult lesbian, gay, bi-, trans- and intersexual clients on how to devise their own personal family model. We represent you in legal proceedings before the family court in adoption cases or vis-à-vis the registry office. Furthermore, we support foster parents who face conflicts with the youth-welfare-office and during the process of being awarded legal guardianship.

We draw up civil-partnership contracts and represent you in dissolution proceedings before the family court.

We consult transsexual and intersexual children and adolescents together with their families or, should they wish so, also separately from their parents.

If you have faced or are likely to face persecution because of your gender or sexual orientation, we will represent you in your asylum procedure.

We possess extensive experience as legal representatives for transsexual persons and enforcing claims against health insurance companies in cases of sex reassignment surgeries and other treatments.

Also within labour law and civil service law, we are experts in consulting victims of discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender; we will enforce your rights under the general equal treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichstellungsgesetz).

If you are a victim of a hate crime we will represent you as a private prosecutor and provide you with victim support, as well as help you enforce your compensation claims.

We offer legal advice to charities and organisations active in the area of LGBT rights’ promotion and LGBT representation, informing them about strategies for legal proceedings and on how to draw up legal expert reports.

Gabriela Lünsmann, a specialised family law solicitor, is responsible for all legal matters concerning civil partnerships, foster children, adoptions as well as the law on legal identity and names.

In addition, she specialises on asylum and residence law.

Solicitor Dr. Oliver Tolmein will consult and represent you when it comes to transsexuality and criminal law.

Solicitor Dr. Babette Tondorf is an expert in criminal representation and victims’ compensation rights, as well as all matters of discrimination at work and within the civil service.

We consult and represent organisations and charities, combining the legal expertise of our solicitors so as to be best suited to the legal focus of each case.