Everybody makes mistakes. When medical practitioners make mistakes consequences are, unfortunately, at times particularly grave. Patients harmed as a result of medical negligence are entitled to damages. This type of claim can also be raised against health care professionals, midwives or alternative practitioners.

Legal proceedings concerning medical liability can be difficult and lengthy. Often they are marked by the back and forth of expert testimony presented by the various parties. When dealing with extensive and lifelong damage in particular, extra-judicial settlements are rare.

As specialists in this field, we possess extensive experience in handling so-called "Personenschäden" (personal injury cases); these are cases in which medical malpractice has caused invalidity or a permanent heightened need for assistance or professional care. As your representatives, we will ensure not only that you receive appropriate compensation for the injury and pain you have suffered but also that you retain your right to self-determination.

We typically consult and represent patient, but at times also midwives and medical practitioners – in extra-judicial procedures as well as in court. We will discuss the various options available to you to proceed in your medical damage case explaining to you the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Your expert in this field is Dr. Oliver Tolmein, who is also a specialist solicitor/ who also holds a qualification in medical law.