Nobody likes the thought of dying or death. However, planning your own estate successiony is an expression of personal autonomy and relieves your relatives of a considerable burden. In order to do that knowing the variety of options available to you and the potential complications posed by succession law is key.

We device wills. In doing so, we take account of the particularities of your specific personal situation, be it as a single, a married or co-habitating couple, as civil partners or a patch-work family, as a foster or an adopted child or as a person with a disability. We also have experience managing succession within communal living projects and shared homes, for instance, when various generations (of a family) live together.

We also represent you in disputes over funeral arrangements, the distribution of the estate and over claims for damages raised by the social services (so-called “Regressforderungen”).

In order to reach a constructive solution it makes sense to seek legal advice early- before the conflict has reached a state where conciliation becomes nearly impossible.

Your expert in estate matters is solicitor Gabriela Lünsmann. She has successfully completed a specialist course on succession law and is a certified executor.