Gabriela Lünsmann co-founded "Menschen und Rechte - Assoziation freier Rechtsanwält*innen". She specialises in civil-partnership and family law, as well as, succession and legal-guardianship law. She is a specialist solicitor for family law and has also successfully completed the specialist solicitor’s course for succession law. Furthermore, she has been certified by the "Deutsche Vereinigung für Erbrecht und Vermögensnachfolge e.V." (German Succession Law Association) as executor of wills. 

Professional experience

Solicitor Gabriela Lünsmann has been working as a self-employed lawyer in Hamburg since 1998; she is particularly interested in all legal matters that play a role in the lives of the elderly, for instance, questions of legal guardianship and provision for old age, of “Elternunterhalt” (maintenance that children are required to provide for their parents) but also, in legal matters related to dying, the devising of wills, and the winding up of and administration of estates.

As an expert on succession law, solicitor Gabriela Lünsmann consults the filia foundation – a German women’s foundation - on matters regarding the devising of wills and the law of public foundations.

Moreover, Gabriela Lünsmann has committed herself for many years to the enforcement of legal equality of lesbians, gays, bi-trans and intersexuals (LGBTI) within the legal profession, as well as in academic publications; she frequently gives workshops/ talks on this topic too.

Furthermore, within the area of guardianship law, Gabriela Lünsmann is appointed by the guardianship courts as solicitor and “Verfahrenspfleger” (an alternative representative of those involved in a legal guardianship court case). She regularly trains staff of hospitals, hospices and of ambulant service providers on guardianship law and legal aspects of psychiatric treatment; she is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.

Voluntary work

Gabriela Lünsmann is a member of the federal executive board of the German Lesbian and Gay Association ("LSVD"). She’s also actively involved in the Wirtschaftsweiber e.V. (Economy Chicks Association) and the German Female Lawyers’ Union (“djb”). Aside from that she is a member of the family law committee of the German Bar Association (DAV).

Ever since it was founded Gabriela Lünsmann has supported Bucerius Law School’s free legal aid project "Law-Clinic". In 2008 she held the Integration-Exchange-Programme scholarship of the Körber Foundation and in 2010 she successfully completed Common Purpose International’s Leadership Programme.

Gabriela Lünsmann has been involved for more than 25 years in different organisations of the LGBTI Community taking on executive-board and consulting activities, giving workshops and talks, as well as through her publications.