At Menschen und Rechte - Assoziation freier Rechtsanwält*innen, we work as a team. Our legal secretary Jessica Hinsch oversees deadlines and is responsible for coordinating our trainee solicitors, legal apprentices and research assistants. Alongside her work at the law firm she is currently training to become a certified legal office manager. Furthermore, she is a certified Wing-Tsun coach and holds the first higher grade (1st Dan).

She is supported by Lisa Koop who deals with phone calls, ensures that our files are up-to-date and is responsible for all postal communication.

Social worker Janike Schmidt has been working at our legal guardianship department since the beginning of 2016.


In all legal areas we are active in we offer individual concepts for the training of legal and non-legal staff. According to the needs of our clients we offer keynotes, expert talks or seminars - which can be day-long or longer- and workshops. All of these can be run as in-house seminars or at special training facilities.

We also offer designing and making info-brochures.